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Tourism Industry

The tourism industry is highly effective in the online space. Therefore,online marketing
is crucial for creating content for your tourism business. It helps generate awareness, makes the business known to customers, and facilitates access to locations, booking, and scheduling.

Online marketing is essential to increase visibility, utilizing online promotions to showcase the beauty of destinations and attract tourists. This is complemented by leveraging influencers for promotions to enhance reviews and create a desire for people to visit.
Additionally, online platforms are preferred by modern customers for searching, checking details, and admiring the beauty of destinations, making online booking and access more convenient and aligned with customer preferences.

Our Recommended Solutions

Influencer Marketing

Influencers help transfer customer trusts to the brand recommended by the influencer. The power provided by the Influencers and Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) enables greater engagement than just the brand posting ordinary contents. Moreover, it rapidly raises product awareness and contributes to long-term business growth by boosting short term sales.

We serve as intermediaries for communication and possess the ability to source and hand select influencers for various social media channels of brands.
By finding influencers that align with the brand’s needs and products, we aim to attract consumers to engage more with the brand. This not only enhances brand visibility but also instills greater confidence in your brand among consumers.

Facebook & Instagram Content

For businesses in Thailand, having a Facebook page and Instagram is crucial due to the consumer behavior, where people prefer to search for a business’s identity on Facebook and Instagram before making decisions. Having a presence on these platforms helps build trust in the brand, and having a well-managed page that is regularly updated, maintains a consistent tone, and presents visually appealing and brand-appropriate content makes the page more interesting, trustworthy, and worth following.

Sunnysideup provides comprehensive page management services with a specialized team to assist in creating interesting and brand-appropriate content for your page. This enhances awareness, ensures that the content stays relevant, and helps reach the main customer group while efficiently gaining new followers. Additionally, we plan and schedule posts at optimal times to maximize customer engagement, allowing you to focus on your business without having to personally manage the page.

Video Production

With the current trend where the majority of consumers turn to online social channels and the rising popularity of video content consumption. Brands find it easier to reach their customers through video.

Sunnysideup provides comprehensive video production services for social media advertising. From brainstorming ideas, creating storyboards, arranging photographers, locations, and actors, to the final editing and delivery, we ensure a full-service approach tailored to your needs.

Photo Shoot

Having beautiful photographs is crucial for brand representation. In addition to creating a positive brand image, aesthetically pleasing photos also impact purchasing decisions. Therefore, the photography style should align with the brand and capture attention.

Sunnysideup offers photography services for your brand, catering to social media advertising needs. From sourcing photography concepts, creative planning, to enhancing and retouching the images, we provide you with visuals ready for immediate use on social media.

Tourism Client Example

Chaowanat Horse Farm Resort, the horse riding school and tourist destination covers an area of over 50 acres in the province of Kanchanaburi.
The client aims to promote the beauty of the area and the professional horse riding lessons offered. Although the client has a page, it lacks regular updates and consistent communication. Additionally, there is no cohesive overall theme and tone.
Sunnysideup has been assigned the task of being the photographer for promotional materials, creating print media, planning content, writing, designing artwork, and reorganizing the page. The goal is to unify the mood and tone of the page in a controlled direction.