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Influencer Marketings

Manage and streamline the campaign chaos

Influencers and KOL usage is a vital part of a great social media campaign. Managing it is however a complicate task. We are an intermediary that specializes in contacting and sourcing influencers for brands’ various social media channels. Our aim is to find the most suitable influencers that meet the brand’s requirements and showcase their products in the best possible light, thereby attracting more consumers and increasing their confidence in the brand.


Analyzing the product and target audience of the project


Finding the most suitable influencers that align with the target audience


Managing and organizing the process to stay within the allocated budget and exceeding the expected results

"greater level of engagement than just regular contents"

Influencers and KOL

The more confident consumers are in the person they follow, the more credible the brand recommended by these Influencers or KOL (Key opinion leaders) becomes. The power of an Influencer’s “influence” creates a greater level of engagement than just regular content posts. In addition, it helps the product become well-known more quickly and can help increase sales, ultimately leading to business growth in the long run.


Mega Influencers are high-profile individuals who have followers ranging from 100,000 to millions, such as celebrities, celebrities in reality TV shows, and high-society personalities. Therefore, this group of influencers is suitable for generating widespread recognition of products or brands, focusing on reaching a large number of people and creating mass awareness. This type of marketing does not focus on specific target groups or specific issues.

Macro Influencer

The second group of influencers has a lower but still substantial following, typically ranging from 100,000 to over a million followers. They have a more specific niche or interest, such as beauty, health, travel, technology, and more. This group of influencers is ideal for creating brand awareness targeted towards a specific audience. Similar to the first group, they have a wide reach, but they are more focused on a particular interest or topic. They can provide deeper engagement and connection with their audience, making them a more effective option for niche marketing.

Micro Influencer

The group of influencers with followers ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 may not have a large number of followers, but they have a significant impact and can persuade their audience to make purchasing decisions. Moreover, they are a relatively niche target group, making them suitable for generating engagement with a brand.


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