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Manufacturing Industry

Industrial factory businesses involve extensive data and require knowledge-driven marketing management. Effective information presentation is crucial to facilitate customer access to your business, especially through online channels.

Online marketing helps customers easily access and obtain comprehensive details. Businesses can provide complete product or service information through a website, making it easy for customers to search. Additionally, links to various channels can be incorporated, making it convenient for interested customers to contact and inquire about the products or services.

Manufacturing Client Example

Facebook & Instagram Content

For businesses in Thailand, having a Facebook page and Instagram is crucial due to the consumer behavior, where people prefer to search for a business’s identity on Facebook and Instagram before making decisions. Having a presence on these platforms helps build trust in the brand, and having a well-managed page that is regularly updated, maintains a consistent tone, and presents visually appealing and brand-appropriate content makes the page more interesting, trustworthy, and worth following.

Sunnysideup provides comprehensive page management services with a specialized team to assist in creating interesting and brand-appropriate content for your page. This enhances awareness, ensures that the content stays relevant, and helps reach the main customer group while efficiently gaining new followers. Additionally, we plan and schedule posts at optimal times to maximize customer engagement, allowing you to focus on your business without having to personally manage the page.

Digital Advertising

Online advertisement is filled with rules and numerous challenges. Without expertise, it may lead to unnecessary high budgets, and could also face visibility issues. Resulting in ad suspension, and in extreme cases: account closure. This leads to both a loss of time and potential sales.

Our team helps analyze backend data to guide the planning and creation of content for advertising across various social media channels like Facebook and TikTok. Boosting posts to the target audience without being blocked ensures effective advertising. We conduct short and long-term tests to maximize the efficiency of ad campaigns and reach the most relevant target groups.

Corporate Website

Having a website plays a crucial role in enhancing business credibility. However if web developers lack expertise in handling medium to large-sized projects, the development process can become chaotic, challenging, time-consuming, and becoming cost sink. This may result in missing the deadlines, and without expert oversight, can lead to unfinished projects.

We offer comprehensive website design and development services to meet the needs of organizations and companies. Ensuring that websites are designed, developed, and updated according to modern standards.

Manufacturing Client Example

Sunrise Technologies specializes in machinery components, industrial tools, mold components, and custom-manufactured parts.
Since 2017,Sunnysideup has been working with the client to bring their business online, with a primary focus on marketing funnels. This includes maintaining and updating the website to provide accurate product information and designing catalogs to send to customers.