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Furniture Industry

The furniture business is adapting to the online market as consumers increasingly engage with online media while still physically examining products offline. Most brands now facilitate ordering and delivery through online channels, making online presence crucial for furniture brand growth.

Online marketing plays a vital role in simplifying customer access to your brand, from information search and product viewing to easy and convenient purchasing. This helps you understand customer needs and plan future marketing strategies accordingly.

Our Recommended Solutions

Facebook & Instagram

For businesses in Thailand, having a Facebook page and Instagram is crucial due to the consumer behavior, where people prefer to search for a business’s identity on Facebook and Instagram before making decisions. Having a presence on these platforms helps build trust in the brand, and having a well-managed page that is regularly updated, maintains a consistent tone, and presents visually appealing and brand-appropriate content makes the page more interesting, trustworthy, and worth following.

Sunnysideup provides comprehensive page management services with a specialized team to assist in creating interesting and brand-appropriate content for your page. This enhances awareness, ensures that the content stays relevant, and helps reach the main customer group while efficiently gaining new followers. Additionally, we plan and schedule posts at optimal times to maximize customer engagement, allowing you to focus on your business without having to personally manage the page.

Video Production

With the current trend where the majority of consumers turn to online social channels and the rising popularity of video content consumption. Brands find it easier to reach their customers through video.

Sunnysideup provides comprehensive video production services for social media advertising. From brainstorming ideas, creating storyboards, arranging photographers, locations, and actors, to the final editing and delivery, we ensure a full-service approach tailored to your needs.

Furniture Client Example

Rester, a brand specializing in health-focused electronic appliances, offers products such as electric massage chairs and foot massagers. Facing a lack of content creation and brand promotion.
Sunnysideup was brought in to photoshoot new products. These materials were then used for both offline and online product promotion such as social media contents, catalogs, brochure, and video.